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What two factors determine wind?

What two factors determine wind?

Answer: The main factors that affect wind direction and speed are: the pressure-gradient force, the Coriolis force and friction. These factors working together cause the wind to blow in different directions and at different speeds.

What are wind factors?

The speed and direction of the wind is governed by three forces; the pressure gradient force (PGF), the Coriolis Force and friction. PGF is the force produced by differences in barometric pressure between two locations and is responsible for the flow of air from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure.

Which is a factor that causes the wind to blow?

Two factors are necessary to specify wind: speed and direction. What causes the wind to blow? As the sun warms the Earth’s surface, the atmosphere warms too. Some parts of the Earth receive direct rays from the sun all year and are always warm.

What are the characteristics and properties of wind?

Characteristics and Properties of Wind. Wind can be characterized by its speed and direction. The direction is often expressed with a reference to where the wind originated; for example, a ‘southerly wind’ refers to wind that starts in the south and blows north. However, the more precise term wind shear or wind gradient is commonly used.

How are prevailing winds and weather pattern’s different?

The complex relationships between fronts cause different types of wind and weather pattern s. Prevailing wind s are winds that blow from a single direction over a specific area of the Earth. Areas where prevailing winds meet are called convergence zone s. Generally, prevailing winds blow east-west rather than north-south.

How does pressure affect the speed of wind?

Wind moves from higher pressure to lower pressure. Thus, pressure differences cause the wind to blow, and the greater these differences, the greater the wind velocity. In other words, the interrelationship between gradient force and wind can be seen in the form of wind direction and wind-speed.

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