What type of fire should you never use water on?

What type of fire should you never use water on?

Class B fires
Which Types of Fire Is Dangerous to Use Water On? You should never use water on Class B fires involving flammable liquids or Class C fires involving electricity.

Can every fire be stopped with water?

However, we just need to stress again that water can’t put out all fires. While ordinary fires of solid material are often easily extinguished with water, electrical fires, oil or liquid fires, and metal fires should never be tackled with water.

Which class of fire can be fought with water?

Class A
Most accidental fires belong to Class A and can be extinguished with water, foam, dry powder and wet chemical extinguishers.

What type of fire can be put out safely with water quizlet?

Water is an excellent extinguishing agent suitable for Class A fires (ordinary combustibles) only. It cools the fuel below its kindling temperature. Never use on electrical equipment or for fires in cooking media.

Can you set fire to water?

Can You Ever Set Water On Fire? You cannot set water on fire. It is true, that you could heat water up enough so that it broke down into hydrogen and oxygen again. And it is true, that the hydrogen produced would happily burn with oxygen.

Which of the following should not be used on a Class C fire?

Until then, there is also a risk for electrocution. Water and water-based extinguishing agents cannot be used on Class C fires, as they conduct electrical current, thus potentially spreading the electricity and source of ignition, and could also result in the electrocution of the individual wielding the extinguisher.

Which type of fire should you fight with a portable fire extinguisher quizlet?

~Co2 extinguishers are most effective in extinguishing Class B and Class C fires. ~ Their discharge is in the form of a gas, they have a limited reach and the gas can be dispersed by wind.

What kind of fire can not be put out with water?

So Class D you can not use water on as it reacts with water. Even though people have done it and got away with it on occasion they were mostly just lucky. So now there is a new class since I retired called a class K. Evidently this is for kitchen fire which used to be classified as class B.

Is it dangerous to fight a fire with water?

There is nothing dangerous about fighting class A fires with water but you should be aware that smoke is more dangerous than fire (3 times as deadly to human beings, in fact) and that if you are in a smoky enclosed space, you should not try to fight the fire for very long as you may succumb to smoke inhalation.

Can you use water on a flammable liquid fire?

Never use water to extinguish flammable liquid fires. Water is extremely ineffective at extinguishing this type of fire, and you may, in fact, spread the fire if you try to use water on it.

Can a Class K fire be put out with water?

Finally, a Class K fire offers a similar hazard to a Class B fire – attack an oil fire with water and you’re just going to create lots of small blobs of burning material that will be much harder to extinguish. So, use a wet chemical extinguisher (Class K) to tackle it, instead.

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