What type of plate boundary is Chaine des Puys?

What type of plate boundary is Chaîne des Puys?

Chaîne des Puys
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Official name Chaîne des Puys – Limagne fault tectonic arena
Type Natural
Criteria (viii)

What type of landform is Chaîne des Puys?

The Chaîne des Puys is largely made up of monogenetic volcanoes (formed during a single, brief eruption), and constitutes an exceptional collection of pure volcanic landforms which have undergone very little erosion.

What type of volcano is Puy de Dome?

Lava dome
This chain of volcanoes including numerous cinder cones, lava domes and maars is far from the edge of any tectonic plate. Puy de Dôme was created by a Peléan eruption, some 10,700 years ago….

Puy de Dôme
Mountain type Lava dome
Last eruption ca 10,700 years ago

Where is Chaîne des Puys in France?

The Chaîne des Puys – Limagne fault tectonic arena, situated in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region in the centre of France, is an emblematic segment of the West European Rift, created in the aftermath of the formation of the Alps 35 million years ago.

What does Puy mean in English?

volcanic hill
Puy (French pronunciation: ​[pɥi]) is a geological term used locally in the Auvergne, France for a volcanic hill. The word derives from the Provençal puech, meaning an isolated hill, coming from Latin podium, which has given also puig in Catalan, poggio in Italian, poio in Galician and Portuguese.

Is laacher see active?

The caldera of Laacher See was formed after the Laacher volcano erupted, between 12,900 and 11,200 years ago. The Laacher is still considered to be an active volcano, proven by seismic activities and heavy thermal anomalies under the lake.

Is Chaîne des Puys active?

The Chaîne des Puys in the Massif Central of southern France is one of Europe’s youngest volcanic fields. The last activity occurred only about 6000 years ago, which is why the volcanoes should be considered still active although there are no signs at present of any new activity to be expected in any near future.

When was the Puy de Dome railway built?

However, it was only on 24 September 1905 that construction of the first Puy de Dôme train finally began under the auspices of businessman Jean Claret. The project is completed in July 1907, when the first rack railway goes into operation!

Is Puy a word in Scrabble?

No, puy is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is the biggest volcano in Germany?

Laacher See

Laacher See
View of the caldera volcano
Laacher See Location in Germany Show map of Rhineland-Palatinate Show map of Germany Show all
Location Ahrweiler, Rhineland-Palatinate
Coordinates 50°25′N 7°16′ECoordinates: 50°25′N 7°16′E

When did the construction of the Chaine des Puys begin?

Construction of the present-day Chaîne des Puys began about 70,000 years before present (BP), and was largely completed by the beginning of the Holocene. Holocene eruptions constructed lava domes such as the Puy de Dôme, whose growth was accompanied by pyroclastic flows, cinder cones that fed lengthy lava flows, and maars.

How many maars are in the Chaine des Puys?

Western Europe. The Chaîne des Puys (French: [ʃɛn de pɥi]) is a north-south oriented chain of cinder cones, lava domes, and maars in the Massif Central of France. The chain is about 40 km (25 mi) long, and the identified volcanic features include 48 cinder cones, eight lava domes, and 15 maars and explosion craters.

What kind of volcano is the Chaine des Puys?

Geological Summary. The Chaîne des Puys, prominent in the history of volcanology, form a N-S-trending chain of basaltic and trachytic cinder cones, basaltic maars, and trachytic lava domes in France’s Massif Central that has been active into the Holocene.

Which is the highest point of the Chaine des Puys?

Its highest point is the lava dome of Puy de Dôme, located near the middle of the chain, which is 1,465 m (4,806 ft) high. The name of the range comes from a French term, puy, that refers to a volcanic mountain with a rounded profile. A date of 4040 BCE is usually given for the last eruption of a Chaîne des Puys volcano.

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