What was Pokemon crater?

What was Pokémon crater?

Pokémon Vortex, formerly Pokémon Crater and often subtitled as the Battle Arena, was an unofficial online Pokémon game that was played with just a mouse. The site was created by webmaster Aaron in 1999 and received numerous updates throughout the years, reaching version 7 before closing on December 1, 2007.

Who is stronger Bulbasaur Charmander or Squirtle?

This stat further proves the fact that Squirtle is the strongest Defensive Pokemon of the other three starters. Overall, Charmander and Squirtle are in good shape as they are stronger against more Types than they are weak. Bulbasaur has a more difficult time as he is weaker against more Types than he is strong.

Why was the Pokemon crater website shut down?

The main issue with Pokemon Crater was that Nintendo had cited it multiple times for copyright reasons. Instead of continuing to fight the billion dollar brand, the website was shut down.

How to battle another trainer in Pokemon crater?

You can choose to donate real money for credits to buy rare Pokemon. You buy it with your credit card. After a long day of playing PBA, you can finally log out and have a rest. To battle another trainer, both of you need to be in the same mirror ( See Chapter 2), then both of you need to agree with a meeting place.

How to see what Pokemon you have caught in Pokemon crater?

By checking your Pokedex, you can see what Pokemon you have caught, normal, metal, shiny, dark and ghost. It is very useful because you can see which Pokemon you are missing and you can simply click on the Pokemon’s name and see where to catch it. It will also show a little picture of the Pokemon.

How to accept a battle request in Pokemon crater?

To Accept a request you wait until they request and then you check your Inbox (See Chapter 5) to see a message from the person saying Battle Request from (Name)’, click on that you will then see a link saying, ‘Accept Battle Request sent by (Name)’.

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