What was the goal of Loaisa expedition?

What was the goal of Loaisa expedition?

The expedition of Garcia Jofre de Loaisa left Spain for the Moluccas on 24 July 1525, to open up the spice trade initiated by the Magellan expedition. Of the seven ships under Loaisa originally, only four entered the Pacific – via the Strait of Magellan, on 26 May 1526. A few days later, they were separated by a storm.

Who commanded Loaisa expedition that ended in failure?

García Jofre de
Only 18 Europeans had survived the voyage, which constituted the first journey around the globe. In 1525 Cano was appointed chief pilot on García Jofre de Loaisa’s expedition to claim the Molucca Islands for Spain. The expedition was ultimately a failure, though, and both Cano and Loaisa lost their lives.

Which post Magellan expedition reached Mindanao but failed to colonize it?

Three ships were set out to investigate what had happened to the two earlier expeditions and rescue any survivors. Only one ship, the Florida reached Surigao in Northeastern Mindanao but failed to colonize.

What is the importance of Spanish expedition in the Philippines?

Spanish Expeditions to the Philippines Thus, Legazpi was able to reconquer the Philippines and establish the first ever the Manila-Mexico trade route by way of Barra de Navidad and later through the port of Acapulco which later became known as the Manila-Acapulco trade route of the Manila Galleon.

Was loaisa expedition successful?

The seven-ship fleet sailed from La Coruña, Spain in July 1525 and became the second naval expedition in history to cross the Pacific Ocean, after the Magellan-Elcano circumnavigation. The expedition resulted in the discovery of the Sea of Hoces south of Cape Horn, and the Marshall Islands in the Pacific.

Why are the Moluccas historically significant?

In the 16th century, the Moluccas were nicknamed the “Spice Islands”. This was due to the large number of aromatic plants that grew on this archipelago. Subsequently, the islands were an important strategic base for the highly profitable spice trade. Nutmeg and cloves largely drove the spice trade.

What was the purpose of de Loaisa’s expedition?

De Loaísa’s expedition was conceived both as a rescue mission and a voyage of discovery. The Victoria, a vessel from Magellan’s expedition to the Pacific, had returned to Spain in 1522 with word that her sister ship the Trinidad had last been seen attempting to return home by sailing east from the Spice Islands to South America.

When did de Loaisa abandon his search for Trinidad?

In November 1525 de Loaísa moved west across the Atlantic to Brazil, reaching the Patagonian shore in January 1526. There was no sign of Trinidad, and de Loaísa decided to abandon the search for her and continue instead to the Spice Islands.

Where did Juan Sebastian Elcano and Juan de Loaisa go?

De Loaísa was named captain along with Juan Sebastián Elcano, who had reached the Spice Islands in 1521 during the Magellan expedition. The fleet headed southwest to the Canary Islands and then south along the African coastline. In November 1525 de Loaísa moved west across the Atlantic to Brazil, reaching the Patagonian shore in January 1526.

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