Whats a nice word that starts with O?

Whats a nice word that starts with O?

obedient (adj.) objective (adj.) observant (adj.) obtainable (adj.)

What are some adjectives words?

A-D List of Adjective Words

adorable adventurous aggressive
amused angry annoyed
annoying anxious arrogant
ashamed attractive average
awful bad beautiful

What is a adjective starting with O?

List of Adjectives That Start With O

  • oafish – clumsy; uncultured.
  • obedient – obeying or willing to obey; submissive.
  • obese – very fat; stout; corpulent.
  • objectionable – disagreeable; offensive.
  • obliging – ready to do favors; helpful; courteous; accommodating.
  • oblique – slanting.
  • obnoxious – very unpleasant.

What most common words begin with the letter O?

O. 10-letter Words. oafishness. oakenshaws. Oaklanders. oarsperson. oasthouses. Obamacrats. Obamamania.

What are some verbs that begin with the letter O?

Here are some of the Verbs that start with letter O. Check the source if you need more. obduce, obduct, obdurate, obdure, obectize, obelisk, obelize, obequitate, obey, obfirm, obfirmate, obfuscate, object, objectify, objectivate, objurgate, oblatrate, oblectate, obligate, oblige, oblique, obliterate, obnubilate,…

What are some descriptive words that start with the letter O?

“O” or “Oh” is used to express surprise or strong emotion in different English language sentences. Some commonly used words starting with alphabet “O” are: occupation, oxford, oath, orange, ok, organ, orphan, owl, observation, onion, oxygen.

What are some objects that begin with the letter O?

Things that start with the letter O: Ostrich, Octopus, Orange, Olive, Oven (from dollhouse), Oatmeal, Owl, Oak tree leaf, Oval, Onion, Octagon, Our Lady Statue *Vowels can be triky- make sure you only use things that make one of the actual letter sounds!*

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