When did American Girl change their name?

When did American Girl change their name?

In 1994, Pleasant Company released a line of contemporary dolls called American Girl of Today. In 2006, the product line was renamed Just Like You; it was changed again in 2010 to My American Girl, and in 2015 to Truly Me. This line has included eighty-eight different dolls over the years.

Do Truly Me American Girl dolls have names?

Unlike the Historical/BeForever Characters, Girls of the Year, or Contemporary Characters, the dolls are not named or characterized by American Girl directly. Instead, purchasers are encouraged to name and create the doll’s personality themselves.

How much is American Girl Doll Create your own?

The “Create Your Own Doll” retails for $200, but these toys are never cheap. You’re basically investing in a companion for your little one. Plus, they get the experience of choosing what their doll will look like. The dolls typically retail around $115 plus the cost of accessories.

Who is the youngest American Girl doll?

American Girl President Jamie Cygielman called the Bitty Baby dolls the brand’s youngest child offering. “It’s typically for a 2-to-4-year-old girl, and she’s emulating what she sees, which is typically nurturing play,” Cygielman said.

Who started American Girl?

Pleasant Rowland
American Girl/Founders

Founded by educator and entrepreneur Pleasant Rowland, American Girl—then known as Pleasant Company—won legions of fans in the ’90s and 2000s with its deeply researched cast of characters, who were advertised in glossy catalogs alongside such historically accurate accessories as a 1940s radio, an 1820s adobe oven and a …

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