When did the giver advise the elders?

When did the giver advise the elders?

In chapter 14, Jonas asks the Giver why it is necessary to endure all the painful memories of the past. The Giver responds by saying that the memories give him wisdom, which allows him to properly advise the Committee of Elders on important decisions.

Why does the community and community of elders need the giver?

The Committee of Elders has the enormous responsibility of making virtually every significant decision in the community; it issues laws to ensure the citizens’ safety and comfort. The Committee of Elders decides the community’s birthrate, which is at fifty new children per year, and creates each family unit.

Why does the community refer to the former receiver in training as a failure How does this failure affect the rules that apply to Jonas?

The community refers to the person who had been being trained to be the Receiver (Rosemary) as a failure because she had been unable to deal with the pressure of getting all these memories. She had been unable to handle the pain, among other things. Because of this, she asked to be released.

Why do elders rarely ask the giver for advice?

Because the Committee of Elders seldom asks The Giver for advice, The Giver spends the majority of his time alone with his memories. The Giver advised against it because he had memories of situations involving too many people and not enough food, and the people starved.

Who is the receiver in the Giver Chapter 2?

The head honcho is The Receiver, whom no one ever sees. Meanwhile, Jonas’ Father is still reminiscing about when he was a kid. Through his remembering, we learn what this big mysterious Ceremony of Twelve really means: it’s when everyone learns what his or her profession is going to be.

What is the community of elders in The Giver?

The Committee of Elders is the governing body in the community. They make the laws, organize the major events and ceremonies, and assign the jobs to the children who turn 12.

When does the giver call upon the Committee of elders?

During one of their training sessions, the Giver explains to Jonas that on rare occasions the Committee of Elders calls upon him for advice when they are making a difficult decision in an area where they have no experience or wisdom.

Why do elders value the receiver of memory?

The Giver explains that the real reason why the Elders value the Receiver of Memory is because The Receiver carries the burden of all pain; without The Receiver, the people would have to share in painful memories. And, of course, the people do not want to feel pain.

Why did the Committee of elders assign birthmothers to have 4 children?

With more Laborers, the Committee of Elders wished to expand the community by assigning Birthmothers to have four children instead of three. The inexperienced Committee of Elders lacked the wisdom to make such a significant decision and sought the Giver’s advice.

What happens to the giver and the receiver of memory?

Through The Giver’s answers, he learns about the kind of life he can look forward to as the Receiver of Memory. He will be able to apply for a spouse and children (The Giver’s spouse now lives with other Childless Adults), but his life will be strained.

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