When was CC Sabathia on the Brewers?

When was CC Sabathia on the Brewers?

On July 7, 2008, the Cleveland Indians traded Sabathia to a Brewers franchise that hadn’t made the playoffs in 26 years. Sabathia, a free agent after the season, had sensed his time in Cleveland was ending. But when the deal became official, he went home to his wife and cried.

Who did the Brewers trade for CC Sabathia?

Approximately 6 years ago, the Indians traded reigning Cy Young award winner CC Sabathia to the Brewers for four prospects. These prospects were Matt Laporta (the center-piece of the deal), left handed pitcher Zach Johnson, right hander Rob Bryson, and a player to be named.

What team did CC Sabathia play for?

CC Sabathia was a left-handed starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, Milwaukee Brewers and New York Yankees. At 290 pounds, he was the heaviest player in Major League Baseball for most of his career.

How many games did CC Sabathia win?

251 wins
Sabathia has 251 wins, 161 losses, an earned run average of 3.74, and 3,093 strikeouts. He has won 1 Cy Young Award and has been selected to play in 6 All-Star Games….CC Sabathia.

Born: July 21, 1980 in Vallejo, CA
Drafted: 1998 Rnd 1, Pick 20 by CLE in the June Amateur Draft
Experience: 19 years

What pitches did CC throw?

Pitch Repertoire At-A-Glance In 2019, he relied primarily on his Cutter (88mph) and Slider (79mph), also mixing in a Sinker (89mph) and Change (83mph). He also rarely threw a Fourseam Fastball (90mph).

How long was CC a Yankee?

In the 2008 offseason, Sabathia signed with the New York Yankees for seven years and $161 million; at the time, this was the largest contract ever signed by a pitcher….

CC Sabathia
Earned run average 3.74
Strikeouts 3,093
Cleveland Indians (2001–2008) Milwaukee Brewers (2008) New York Yankees (2009–2019)

Who did the Brewers get for Zack Greinke?

In trading for Greinke, Milwaukee Brewers then-GM Doug Melvin gave up a very large return package of Lorenzo Cain, Alcides Escobar, Jake Odorizzi, and Jeremy Jeffress. The Crew also acquired Yuniesky Betancourt to play shortstop in place of the departing Escobar.

Who did the Phillies trade for Cliff Lee?

On July 29 the Indians and Phillies came to an agreement on a deal that’d send Lee and outfielder Ben Francisco to Philadelphia. In exchange, the Phillies sent prospects Carlos Carrasco, Jason Knapp, Jason Donald, and Lou Marson. At the time Sports Illustrated rated Carrasco as the 68th best prospect in baseball.

Is CC Sabathia married?

Amber Sabathiam. 2003
CC Sabathia/Spouse

Who is CC Sabathia father?

Carsten Charles Sabathia Sr.
CC Sabathia/Fathers

What was CC Sabathia fastest pitch?

In Order by Fastest Observed Speed (Listing Has Only The Fastest Known Speed by the Pitcher)
Pitcher Radar Speed Location
Jonathan Papelbon * 100.0 mph Fenway Park
J.R. Richard 100.0 mph Candlestick Park
C.C. Sabathia 100.0 mph Jacobs Field

When was CC Sabathia traded to the Brewers?

On July 7, 2008, Sabathia was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers for Matt LaPorta, Michael Brantley, Zach Jackson and Rob Bryson. During his press conference, Sabathia made it known to the assembled members of the media that he would prefer his name to be spelled “CC” rather than “C.C.”.

How old is CC Sabathia the baseball pitcher?

Carsten Charles Sabathia Jr. (born July 21, 1980), known commonly as CC Sabathia, is an American professional baseball pitcher who is a free agent.

What did CC Sabathia sign in the Plain Dealer?

On July 30, 2008, Sabathia took out a large $12,870 ad in the sports section of Cleveland’s daily newspaper, The Plain Dealer. The ad, signed by Sabathia, his wife Amber, and his family read: Thank you for 10 great years

What are the names of CC Sabathia’s children?

Sabathia and his wife, Amber, have four children: a son Carsten Charles III (born 2003), a daughter Jaeden Arie (born 2005), a daughter, Cyia (born 2008), and a son Carter (born 2010). The family lived in Fairfield, California outside his hometown of Vallejo, California near San Francisco until he signed with the Yankees.

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