When was the Indian Air Force celebrated?

When was the Indian Air Force celebrated?

October 8
Every year on October 8, the country celebrates Indian Air Force Day. The event was inaugurated in 1932.

What is the anniversary of Indian Air Force Day 2020?

The Indian Air Force will proudly celebrate its 89th anniversary on October 08. Full dress rehearsals for the air display by various aircraft began on October 06 at Hindon base in Ghaziabad.

Which establishment day was celebrated by the Indian Air Force in hyderabad on 19 January?

The Air Force Academy (AFA) at Hyderabad, commemorated 50 years of its existence on 19 January 2021.

How can I join Indian Air Force Academy in Hyderabad?

How to Join AFA, Hyderabad

  1. Through NDA. Young boys who have passed class 12th are eligible to join AFA through NDA.
  2. Through NCC SE (Men only)
  3. Through CDS Exam.
  4. AFCAT.
  5. Meteorology Branch.

Which is the largest command of IAF?

Western Air Command
Western Air Command, Indian Air Force The Western Air Command (WAC) is the regional command of Indian Air Force headquartered in New Delhi. It is the largest and most important Air Command of the IAF, comprising sixteen Air Force Bases (AFBs), and is responsible for aerial defence of North India.

What is airforce GDO?

PUNE: From May 2020, the National Defence Academy will train air force cadets to become ground duty officers (technical and non-technical) for the Indian Air Force. While ground duty technical (GD-T) cadets will pursue a BTech degree, non-technical (GD-NT) cadets will be enrolled into the BSc computer science course.

Is phone allowed in IAF training?

The IAF policy does not allow carriage and use of smartphones inside technical area, both at the Command HQs and at training centres, that includes flying bases. The IAF has permitted its personnel to carry a ‘basic mobile phone’ which is operated under an independent AF service pro-vider.

Do AFA cadets get stipend?

Pay And Allowance Even before you are Commissioned as an Air Force Officer you start earning a monthly stipend of Rs. 56,100/- during last one year of your training period at any of the Air Force Training Institutions. are also admissible to Officers.

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