Which country is owner of PTCL?

Which country is owner of PTCL?

Government of Pakistan

Type Public
Owner Government of Pakistan (62%) Etisalat (26%) General public (12%)
Number of employees 18,000
Subsidiaries Ufone

Who is president of PTCL?

Dr. Muhammad Sohail Khan Rajput, is the Chairman of PTCL’s Board of Directors. Dr.

What is the full form of PTCL?

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest integrated Information Communication Technology (ICT) company of Pakistan.

Who is current CEO of PTCL?

Hatem Bamatraf (May 23, 2021–)

Who is Matthew Wilsher?

Wilsher, a British national, has a corporate career spanning over 33 years during which he has worked at Procter & Gamble, British Telecom, LG Telecom, Telstra, HK CSL, Maxis and Etisalat. …

Who is the CEO of Ufone?

Rashid Khan
It has a market share of 12.4%, least among all four mobile operators. Ufone had appointed Rashid Khan as its CEO who had been the CEO of Mobilink (now Jazz) from 2008 to 2014. He was appointed as acting CEO again in August 2017. Rashid Khan died on 17 December 2020….Ufone.

Type Subsidiary

When was PTCL privatized?

PTCL has a long history in terms of being privatized. It has gone through many good and bad times during its whole life. By 2005, PTCL was considered as a telecom giant in Asia. The Privatization of PTCL was completed in 2006.

Who is owner of Jazz?

Global Telecom Holding
Mobilink/Parent organizations

When was BTCL established?

1st July, 2008
From 1st July, 2008, as per the Telecommunication policy, 1998, BTTB was converted into a public limited company – Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited through another ordinance….About BTCL.

1853 Formation of Posts and Telegraph Department in British India
1962 Renamed as Pakistan Telegraph and Telephone Department

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