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Which is correct lying or lieing?

Which is correct lying or lieing?

Beware of spelling! The present participle of lie is not lieing. The I becomes a Y: lying. “If you tell an untruth it is a lie, not a lay; and if you are in the process of telling an untruth you are lying and not laying.”

What is the two meaning of lying?

1 : to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive She was lying when she said she didn’t break the vase. He lied about his past experience. 2 : to create a false or misleading impression Statistics sometimes lie. 2 : something that misleads or deceives His show of remorse was a lie.

How do you spell lying as in lying down?

Lay means “to place something down flat,” while lie means “to be in a flat position on a surface.” The key difference is that lay is transitive and requires an object to act upon, and lie is intransitive, describing something moving on its own or already in position.

Is there such a word as lying?

telling or containing lies; deliberately untruthful; deceitful; false: a lying report.

How do you use the word lying?

Lying sentence example

  1. She couldn’t help feeling disappointed; space looked no different than it had when she was lying on the roof of Evelyn’s house.
  2. They’re lying on your bed.
  3. I wasn’t lying , I just wasn’t telling everything.
  4. He was lying , sure enough.

Is there two ways to spell lies?

Once the meaning difference between lay and lie is understood, the spelling falls into place. *Note: The word “lie” has two meanings….The key lies in understanding what the words actually mean.

Tense Lie Lay
Present Lie Lay
Past Lay Laid
Past Participle Lain Laid

How do you use the word lay in a sentence?

Here are a few example sentences that use the word “lay”:

  1. I lay the baby in the cradle. ( present tense)
  2. The chicken lays eggs. ( present tense)
  3. Yesterday, he laid the book on the shelf. (past tense)
  4. He is laying each loaf of bread in the basket. (present participle)
  5. She laid the fruit on the counter. (past participle)

What can I say instead of lying?


  • Synonyms for lying. dishonest, mendacious, untruthful.
  • Words Related to lying. erroneous, fallacious, false, misleading, untrue. double-dealing, hypocrite, hypocritical,
  • Near Antonyms for lying. candid, open, plainspoken, straightforward. earnest, sincere, true.
  • Antonyms for lying. honest, truthful, veracious.

What does the word lying mean?

adjective. telling or containing lies; deliberately untruthful; deceitful; false: a lying report.

How do you spell lying as in lie down?

What is the correct way to spell lying?

The correct spelling is lie down. To lie has two meanings. One is to tell a false statement and the other is to move into the horizontal position. Lie, as in falsehood, evolved from the German word ‘leoga’ and the other meaning of lie comes from the Latin word ‘lectus’, which means bed.

Is Lieing a word?

There is no such word as “lieing.” “Lying” is a form of the verb “to lie,” which has two meanings: 1. to recline in a horizontal manner, and 2. to say something that the speaker knows is untrue.

What is the definition of laying?

English Language Learners Definition of lay. (Entry 1 of 2) : to place (someone or something) down gently in a flat position. : to place (something) into position on or along a surface : to build or set (something) on or in the ground or another surface.

What does laying mean?

Laying(noun) the act of one who, or that which, lays. Laying(noun) the act or period of laying eggs; the eggs laid for one incubation; a clutch. Laying(noun) the first coat on laths of plasterer’s two-coat work.

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