Which is the best time to visit Silent Valley National Park?

Which is the best time to visit Silent Valley National Park?

Visitors searching for the best time to visit Silent Valley National Park, should plan their trip between December and February; March and April are also considered ideal time. Summer (March – May) – Good Time: As the summer starts its spell in the park, temperature starts rising within the perimeter.

Why Is Silent Valley called so?

It was the British who coined the name ‘Silent Valley’ in 1847 because of a perceived absence of noisy Cicadas. Another story attributes the name to the Anglicization of Sairandhri and a third story, refers to the presence of many Lion-Tailed Macaques, Macaca silenus.

What is the Speciality of Silent Valley?

Home to animals as rare as the Nilgiri Tahr and Lion Tailed Macaques as well as the greenest of evergreen forests ever, the Silent Valley National Park in Kerala is among the most favourite biodiversity hubs for nature lovers and wildlife fanatics.

In which state is Silent Valley in India?

Silent Valley National Park/State
Home to rare species of flora and fauna, some endemic to the Western ghats, the Silent Valley national park spread over 238 square kilometres in Palakkad district of Kerala, will be celebrating its ‘silver jubilee’ this month.

Which city is known as Silent Valley of India?


Silent Valley National Park
The Nilgiri Mountains as seen from Silent Valley National Park
Location in Kerala, India
Location Kerala
Nearest city Mannarkkad

In which state of India is Silent Valley located?

Who is the leader of Silent Valley?

Silent Valley was declared as a national park in 1984 by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, and inaugurated in 1985 by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

In which year Silent Valley was a national park?

In 1970s, plans for a hydroelectric project by the state electricity board were shelved after protests by “Save Silent Valley” movement, which highlighted the dangers to the rich diversity. It was declared a national park in 1984, by late Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.

Who Led Silent Valley movement?

The Silent Valley Movement was started in 1973 by an NGO led by school teachers and the Kerala Sastra Sahithya Parishad(KSSP) to save Silent Valley from being flooded by a hydroelectric project.

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