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Who created gargoyles?

Who created gargoyles?

Greg Weisman
Michael Reaves, who wrote the first six episodes and was the primary writer/story editor of the show’s first two seasons has described himself in respect to Gargoyles as “in on the ground floor [of] creating something iconic”. Greg Weisman also describes himself as one of the creators of Gargoyles.

Why did they put gargoyles on buildings?

The precise purpose of gargoyles was to act as a spout to convey water from the upper part of a building or roof gutter and away from the side of walls or foundations, thereby helping to prevent water from causing damage to masonry and mortar.

Where did the gargoyles originate?

THEY DATE BACK TO ANCIENT EGYPT. Although the name gargoyle dates back just a few centuries, the practice of crafting decorative, animal-themed drain spouts reaches back several millennia. The ancient Egyptians had a thing for lions, as did the Romans and the Greeks.

What were gargoyles made from?

Gargoyles are stone statues that are attached to buildings. But they are more than just a decoration. Gargoyles are waterspouts that help rainwater flow away from a building’s walls. They’re carved from a block of solid stone, usually granite.

What religion are gargoyles linked to?

Gargoyles: The grotesque carved creatures of Christian architecture were borrowed from ancient pagan religions. Gargoyles are instantly recognizable, grotesque, carved creatures peering down from the tops of churches and cathedrals.

When was the Metz cathedral built?

Metz Cathedral

Metz Cathedral Cathedral of Saint Stephen, Metz Cathédrale Saint Étienne de Metz
Type Church
Style French Gothic; Gothic Revival
Groundbreaking 1220
Completed 1550

Why is Laon cathedral important?

Laon Cathedral is known for its imposing towers, its beautiful Gothic architecture, and its importance as a major stop on the medieval pilgrimage route to Santiago in Spain. The former cathedral was burned out and damaged during the communal insurrection in 1112. The new cathedral was completed in 1230.

What are some crazy facts about Gargoyles in history?

Here are 22 wild facts about these ancient stone demons known as gargoyles. 1. Throughout history, gargoyles were primarily used as waterspouts.

What is the purpose of a gargoyle in a building?

In architecture, a gargoyle ( / ˈɡɑːrɡɔɪl /) is a carved or formed grotesque with a spout designed to convey water from a roof and away from the side of a building, thereby preventing rainwater from running down masonry walls and eroding the mortar between.

When did gargoyles and grotesques become popular in Europe?

Studying Gargoyles and Grotesques Gargoyles and grotesques were a hallmark of the Gothic period of architecture, which grew popular in Western Europe from the 12th to the late 15th centuries, and which was carried over…

Where did the lion head gargoyles come from?

Lion head gargoyles are also a feature on many of the buildings in Pompeii, and as many of the villas and buildings in Pompeii were modeled on Greek architecture . It is an indicator that lion head gargoyles were the norm throughout the ancient Greek world.

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