Who is Alderhearts apprentice?

Who is Alderhearts apprentice?


Mentors Molewhisker, Jayfeather
Unofficial Mentor Leafpool
Apprentice Flipclaw

What is Jayfeather’s power?

Jayfeather has a special power as foretold in a prophecy given to his grandfather Firestar: he can sense the emotions of other cats, and enter their dreams. Jayfeather is characterized as proud and sarcastic, especially when he feels other characters are judging him for his blindness.

What was Jayfeather’s power?

Who are the littermates of Jayfeather the warrior?

Find one here! Jaykit, along with his littermates, Hollykit and Lionkit, are born to Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight. Due to his blindness, the gray tabby is put down for it. He, Hollykit, and Lionkit dream of leaving the camp to explore the territory before they become apprentices.

How did Jayfeather return to the real world?

Lionkit convinces them otherwise, and they go out. Jaykit’s powerful sense of smell quickly finds them in the fox den, but they are chased out by the foxes. While running to the hollow, Jaykit falls into it and is knocked out. Spottedleaf visits him, and after providing him with comfort, he returns to the real world.

Who is known as Jayfeather in StarClan?

Jaypaw, from this moment you shall be known as Jayfeather. StarClan honors your skill and your thirst for knowledge. You have saved the lives of many cats. Everyone: Jayfeather! Jayfeather!

How did Jaypaw get the name Jayfeather?

He eventually agreed to train under Leafpool. While walking in the dreams of Firestar, Jaypaw heard about the Kin of Your Kin prophecy, realizing he and his littermates were destined to be powerful. He earned his medicine cat name, Jayfeather.

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