Who is eligible for notional promotion?

Who is eligible for notional promotion?

5. A retired Government employee who is considered for notional promotion from the date of promotion of his next junior after opening of the sealed cover would also be entitled to fixation of pension on the basis of such notional pay on his notional promotion.

What is notional promotion?

„Notional Promotion‟ is such a promotion which a government servant gets under particular exigencies. of situation, which can not claim as of right.

What is the rule of promotion?

Promotion shall mean movement of an employee from a post in a lower grade to a post in the next higher grade along the line of promotion in his discipline, as prescribed in these rules. Jumping of scale(s) shall not be allowed, save in specific case(s) for Selection Posts, as may be specified in these Rules. 4.2.

What are the criteria for promotion in the civil service?

There are four main characteristics of civil servants to be promoted:

  • Right qualification.
  • The length of service required to obtain a higher post.
  • Satisfactory discharge of duties.
  • Decent behavior, successful passing of the regular interviews and examinations.

Can promotion be reverted?

They may be reverted at any time during this period by the authority competent to promote them, if their conduct and work are not satisfactory, or if they are found unsuitable for the appointment to which they have been promoted.

Can a junior be promoted before senior?

Mere promotion of junior does not confer right upon senior for elevation, says HC. The Punjab and Haryana High Court has ruled that mere promotion of a junior, that too in violation of the statutory rules, will not confer a right upon a senior for being promoted to the same promotional post on that ground alone.

What is notional basis?

The notional amount (or notional principal amount or notional value) on a financial instrument is the nominal or face amount that is used to calculate payments made on that instrument. This amount generally does not change and is thus referred to as notional.

What is the meaning of notional benefit?

notional consequential benefits, meaning thereby the petitioners will be given the benefit of seniority and fixation of their pay from directed to pay arrears of salary from the date of reappointment, consequent upon fixation of their salary notionally while counting.

What is the meaning of adhoc promotion?

Ad hoc is a Latin phrase which means “for this”. Hence, ad hoc appointment is an appointed for a short period. The appointment is made for an existing post for a short period of time – a month or more in lieu of the person rightfully eligible for manning the post.

Can recruitment rules be changed retrospectively?

No. Unless otherwise stated in the act law are in effect prospectively.

Can a notional promotion be bereft of monetary benefits?

Even a notional promotion accorded to a government servant cannot be bereft of its consequential monetary benefits, including pension and arrears, the Central Administrative Tribunal has ruled. arrears, the Central Administrative Tribunal has ruled.

When do you get notional pay fixation on promotion?

In such cases the Government Servant concerned is granted notional promotion and notional pay fixation w.e.f. a date on which his immediate junior has been promoted. Actual promotion and financial benefit of pay fixation is granted from a prospective date only.

Is there notional pay fixation on promotion / ACP / MACP?

Notional Pay Fixation on promotion/ ACP/ MACP to the employees who are imposed with minor penalty AGENDA DISCUSSED DURING THE STANDING COMMITTEE MEET Notional Pay Fixation on promotion/ ACP/ MACP to the employees who are imposed with minor penalty

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