Who is higher ACP or DCP?

Who is higher ACP or DCP?

The DCP has a higher rank. The rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) is comparable to the rank of Superintendent of Police (SP). As a result, DC/DCP is greater than ACP.

What is the full form of DCP and DSP?

DGP – Director General of Police. DSP – Deputy Superintendent of Police.

What is the meaning of DCP of police?

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) oversees an area command. He/she is usually the second-highest ranked officer in the force’s state command and can take the Commissioner of Police’s role if need be.

Is DSP and ACP same?

In other states the officer of the same rank is designated simply as deputy superintendent(DSP) of police or in metropolitan cities is designated as assistant commissioner of police(ACP).

Is SP an IPS officer?

Superintendents of police are the officers of either State Police Service or Indian Police Service. They are the district head of non-metropolitan districts in India. SSP-ranked officers wear the IPS logo below the star with Gorget patches on their collar.

What is the salary of DCP?

Employees who knows DCP earn an average of ₹18lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹11lakhs per year to ₹47lakhs per year based on 13 profiles. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹30lakhs per year.

What is police Fullform?

POLICE Full Form: Public Officer for legal investigations and criminal emergencies. Spread the love. The word POLICE don’t define a particular full form but mainly it stands for Public Officer for legal investigations and criminal emergencies or the Polite Obedient loyal intelligent courageous efficient.

What does DCP stand for in government category?

dcp Development Concept Plan Department Of Defense , Transportation Command , Logistics

What does DCP stand for in police?

The DCP full form is Deputy Commissioner of Police. DCP is a high-level post in the police department. The DCP has the national emblem above a star on the shoulder. The rank of DCP officer is equal to the Superintendent of Police officers.

What does DCP stand for in planning?

How is Design Construction and Planning abbreviated? DCP stands for Design Construction and Planning. DCP is defined as Design Construction and Planning somewhat frequently.

What does DCP stand for in benefit?

Benefit DCP abbreviation meaning defined here. What does DCP stand for in Benefit? Top DCP abbreviation related to Benefit: Deferred Compensation Plan

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