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Who is sandals owned by?

Who is sandals owned by?

The company will remain owned by the Stewart family, with son and CEO Adam Stewart succeeding as chairman of Sandals Resorts International. Butch Stewart is survived by wife Cheryl and children Brian, Bobby, Adam, Jaime, Sabrina, Gordon and Kelly, along with 12 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

How did the owner of Sandals die?

Stewart died in Miami, United States, on 4 January 2021 at the age of 79. He had been suffering from an undisclosed illness. A private funeral service will be held.

Who is Sandals CEO?

Adam Stewart (Nov 2006–)
Sandals Resorts/CEO
35-year old Adam Stewart is the dynamic Chief Executive Officer of the world-leading superbrand, Sandals Resorts International and The ATL Group, Jamaica’s longest standing automotive and commercial and domestic appliance distributors and the largest private sector group in the Caribbean.

How old is Butch Stewart?

79 years (1941–2021)
Gordon “Butch” Stewart/Age at death

When was sandals founded?

Sandals Resorts/Founded
Since opening its doors in Montego Bay on November 27th, 1981, Sandals Resorts has delighted guests, partnered with travel advisors, and helped build tourism throughout the Caribbean, where it is committed to developing hospitality excellence across the region, one of the most beloved and resilient tourism destinations …

Is Sandals American owned?

Sandals Resorts is a Jamaican operator of luxury all-inclusive resorts for couples in the Caribbean and part of Sandals Resorts International (SRI), parent company of Sandals Resorts, Beaches Resorts, Fowl Cay Resort and several private villas.

How much is Sandals worth?

The valuation of the company could not be learned, but the sources said it could be worth well over $1 billion, including debt.

Who owns Island routes Jamaica?

Sunisland Routes Adventure Tours Limited
Montego Bay-based Island Routes is a trading name owned by Sunisland Routes Adventure Tours Limited. Sunisland was incorporated registered in Jamaica in February 2009, is based in Montego Bay.

How much is the owner of sandals worth?

Having amassed a net worth circa US$1 billion, the entrepreneurial founder and chairman of the Sandals brand presides over one of the largest private sector conglomerates in the region, a broad portfolio boasting nineteen resorts on six exotic Caribbean islands.

Who owns Half Moon Jamaica?

Steuart Investment Company owns a majority interest in Half Moon and is one of the original families who started the resort in 1954 as a cottage beach colony.

Who is the founder of Sandals Resorts?

Gordon “Butch” Stewart, born in Kingston, Jamaica, on July 6, 1941, is the Chairman and Founder of Sandals Resorts International (SRI).

Are Sandals Resorts family friendly?

Sandals Resorts are luxurious all-inclusive resorts for couples only. Beaches Resorts offer most of the same luxuries, but are very family-friendly with many extras for the kids.

Which do Sandals Resorts allow kids?

Sandals has a line of resorts that are especially designed for and targeted to families. These Sandals owned resorts are marketed under their Sandals “Beaches” brand. As you are probably aware, kids are not allowed at traditional Sandals resorts. Beaches Resorts are all inclusive resorts for kids from Sandals.

What is the best Sandals Resort in the Caribbean?

Sandals Grande Antigua is the of the best Sandals resorts in the Caribbean. It is on a tropical island in the West Indies. The perfect spot for couples who want to spend quality time together.

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