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Who is the fan favorite Doctor Who?

Who is the fan favorite Doctor Who?

1. David Tennant. Regularly topping polls for the most popular Doctor Who incarnation of all time – at least the polls that Tom Baker doesn’t win – the David Tennant era marked the most successful in the show’s recent history.

Who is the most liked Doctor Who?

David Tennant
David Tennant has been named the people’s favourite Doctor in a poll of more than 50,000 Doctor Who fans, narrowly pipping the current incumbent, Jodie Whittaker – and leaving his own father-in-law for dust.

Who is the most famous Doctor Who character?

1. David Tennant – Tenth Doctor. Named the most popular Doctor in the show’s history, David Tennant brought a whole new fanbase to the Who-niverse. An evergreen fan of Doctor Who himself, his enthusiasm and love for the character shone through.

Who is the best doctor on Doctor Who?

1. David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor, 2005-2010) There’s almost no way around naming David Tennant the top Doctor of all time. Though Christopher Eccleston opened up the modern age of “Doctor Who,” Tennant breathed life into the character.

Who is the most hated Doctor Who?

As a result, Adric is one of the least popular, or even “most hated”, of the Doctor’s companions among fans of the programme. However, Adric also seeks validation from the Doctor and those around him, and is often hurt and resentful if he feels he is being sidelined or unable to contribute.

Which Doctor Who season is the best?

All Seasons Of (New) Doctor Who, Ranked By IMDb Average

  1. 1 Season 4 (2008) 9.0.
  2. 2 Season 9 (2015) 8.75.
  3. 3 Season 6 (2011) 8.72.
  4. 4 Season 3 (2007) 8.6.
  5. 5 Season 2 (2006) 8.5.
  6. 6 Season 8 (2014) 8.4.
  7. 7 Season 10 (2016) 8.34.
  8. 8 Season 7 (2011) 8.32.

What do you call the fans of doctor who?

Doctor Who fandom. The long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who has developed a very large, loyal and devoted fan base over the years. Doctor Who fans are sometimes referred to as Whovians, or simply as the Doctor Who fandom. The usage of “Whovian” was restricted to fans in the United States during the 1980s,…

Who was the original angry doctor who fan?

Steven Moffat: ‘I was the original angry Doctor Who fan’. Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary episode is BBC Drama’s biggest event ever. Showrunner Steven Moffat’s daunting mission: to come up with a special that will blow up everyone’s space-time vortex.

Where is the longest running doctor who fan club?

The Doctor Who Information Network (DWIN) was founded in Canada in 1980 and continues to serve fans in North America. It was one of the first Doctor Who clubs in North America, and is the longest running Doctor Who club on the continent. DWIN supports the monthly Toronto Tavern fan gatherings.

Who are the major doctor who fans in New Zealand?

The New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club (NZDWFC) was founded by Scott Walker and Andrew Poulson in 1988 and remains the country’s major fan support group. They continued to run the club until 1991. The club puts out a fanzine, Time Space Visualiser (TSV), twice-yearly.

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