Who is the main character in Orphan Train?

Who is the main character in Orphan Train?

Vivian Daly Vivian is one of the two main characters in the book. She was born in Ireland and immigrated to New York City with her family in 1929. Her family was killed in a fire and she was sent to the Children’s Aid Society. They put her on the Orphan Train which took her to Minnesota to a new life.

Who are the characters in the Orphan Train?

Orphan Train Characters

  • Molly Ayer. Molly is one of the novel’s two protagonists.
  • Vivian Daly / Niamh Power / “Dorothy” Vivian/Niamh is the novel’s second protagonist.
  • Ralph Thibodeaus. Ralph is Molly’s current foster father.
  • Donna Ayer / Molly’s Mother.
  • Mr.
  • Jack.
  • Patrick Power/ “Da”
  • Mary Power/ “Mam”

What kind of person is Molly from orphan train?

Molly is one of the novel’s two protagonists. She is an intelligent, opinionated, and reflective seventeen-year-old girl who lives with her foster parents, Ralph and Dina Thibodeaus, at their home in Spruce Harbor, Maine.

What is the theme of orphan train?

Orphan Train tackles some pretty heavy themes, such as finding family and figuring out your identity. But in interviews, and on her blog, Kline says one of the major themes she wanted to tackle was rootlessness.

Who is Niamh in Orphan Train Girl?

She is the biological mother of Sarah Darnell, who she gave up for adoption. As a 91-year-old widow living a lonely life, Vivian finds peace by recounting the story of her life to Molly Ayer and cleaning out her attic together. Vivian/Niamh has red curly hair and freckles.

Why does Molly leave her foster home?

Her father was Penobscot Indian and believed in the traditions of his culture. She enjoys learning more about her culture in her history class. She also enjoys learning about Vivian’s past as they spend hours going through the boxes in her attic. After a fight with Dina, Molly is told to leave.

What is the main conflict in orphan train?

The main conflict in this book is going against society. Throughout the adoption homes, Niamh is not respected because of her ethnicity. She has to prove herself to be given any chance. Molly, being goth, is the social outcast at her school and in her foster home.

How does Orphan Train end?

The novel ends just after Vivian and Sarah make eye contact outside of Vivian’s house. Ballinger-Dix, Elizabeth. “Orphan Train Plot Summary.” LitCharts.

Is Spruce Harbor Maine a real place?

Christina: Spruce Harbor is actually a mythical place wedged somewhere between Southwest Harbor and Pretty Marsh, on the “Quiet Side,” as locals call it, of Mount Desert Island.

How are Vivian and Molly similar in the Orphan Train?

Even though Molly and Vivian have different backgrounds and a wide age difference, they share the common experience of having been orphaned as children. Their shared experience gives them insight into each other’s experiences, and this in turn gives them a sense of belonging and connection with each other.

What is the climax of orphan train?

Climax. Molly and Dina get in a fight and she is forced to leave. The only place she can think to go is Vivian’s. Vivian welcomes her and she sleeps in one of the many empty rooms in Vivian’s large house.

Why does Molly leave Dina and Ralph’s home?

Who was the founder of the Orphan Train?

Because the children were transported by train to their new homes, the term “orphan trains” began being used. It was Charles Loring Brace, the founder of the Childrens Aid Society, who first came up with the idea of placing needy children with families in the West rather than in orphanages.

Who is Vivian’s adoptive mother in Orphan Train?

He and his wife Lois own a ladies’ garment business run out of… read analysis of Raymond Byrne Lois Byrne is Vivian/Niamh ’s first adoptive mother. She is stern, cold, and controlling. She and her husband, Mr. Byrne, own a ladies’ garment business run out of their home in Albans, Minnesota.

Who are Molly’s foster parents in Orphan Train?

As a young child, she immigrated to New York with her parents and siblings… read analysis of Vivian Daly / Niamh Power / “Dorothy” Ralph is Molly ’s current foster father. He works as a plumber in Spruce Harbor. Inspired by his own experience as a troubled teen, he convinced his wife, Dina, to become foster parents.

Who are Mr and Mrs Schatzman in Orphan Train?

As a child, Niamh is responsible for taking care of her little sister… read analysis of Margaret (“Maisie”) Mr. and Mrs. Schatzman are Niamh ’s neighbors on Elizabeth Street in New York in the 1920s. They are a middle-aged couple who emigrated from Germany.

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