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Who Made Hollywood Shuffle?

Who Made Hollywood Shuffle?

Robert Townsend

Hollywood Shuffle
Directed by Robert Townsend
Written by Keenen Ivory Wayans Robert Townsend Dom Irrera (uncredited)
Produced by Robert Townsend Lydia Nicole
Starring The Hollywood Shuffle Players

How long is Hollywood Shuffle?

1h 21m
Hollywood Shuffle/Running time

What ever happened to Robert Townsend?

Recently, Townsend has appeared in and directed an episode CW’s superhero series “Black Lightning;” and has directed two episodes of BET’s “Soul Train” drama “American Soul.” He said being on both sets felt like “being at home.” With “Black Lightning,” he recognizes that many of the themes of the show harken to the …

What was the budget for Hollywood Shuffle?

100,000 USD
Hollywood Shuffle/Budget

What movie is Winky Dinky Dog?

Hollywood Shuffle is an 80’s movie starring Robert Townsend.

What does Winky Dinky mean?

1 (Brit) small and neat; dainty.

Is Ed Townsend related to Robert Townsend?

Early life and career Townsend was born in Chicago, Illinois, the second of four children to Shirley (née Jenkins) and Ed Townsend.

When did the movie Hollywood Shuffle come out?

Hollywood Shuffle. Hollywood Shuffle is a 1987 satirical comedy film about the racial stereotypes of African Americans in film and television.

Who was Bobby Taylor in the movie Hollywood Shuffle?

Robert Townsend as Bobby Taylor, an aspiring young black actor who dreams of making it big in Hollywood. Townsend was also the producer, director, and co-writer of the film.

What did Roger Ebert say about Hollywood Shuffle?

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times called the film “an artistic compromise but a logistical triumph, announcing the arrival of a new talent whose next movie should really be something.” Richard Harrington of the Washington Post calls the film “a funny, poignant and technically proficient film.”

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