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Who makes the MOH?

Who makes the MOH?

It is awarded by the President in the name of Congress. For this reason, it is often referred to as the Congressional Medal of Honor. Since it was first presented in 1863, the medal has been awarded 3,512 times to 3,493 recipients.

Is it illegal to buy a Medal of Honor?

It is illegal to buy, sell or fraudulently possess a Medal of Honor within the United States and the FBI keeps a sharp eye out. “The only person who can possess a Medal of Honor is the recipient or a designee,” Sanborn said.

Is the Medal of Honor real gold?

An inquiry by The Washington Times showed that the Congressional Medal of Honor, awarded for exceptional wartime combat gallantry, costs $29.98 to produce and is made mostly of brass alloy.

How much money is a Purple Heart medal worth?

In today’s military collectibles market, Purple Hearts doled out during World War II tend to be worth $300 to $400, Kraska said.

When was the Medal of Honor made permanent?

In 1863, the Medal of Honor was made a permanent military decoration available to all members, including commissioned officers, of the U.S. military. It is conferred upon those who have distinguished themselves in actual combat at risk of life beyond the call of duty.

When did the first Medal of Honor game come out?

Medal of Honor is a series of first-person shooter video games. The first game was developed by DreamWorks Interactive and published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation in 1999. Medal of Honor spawned a series of follow-up games including multiple expansions spanning various console platforms and personal computers .

Where does the Medal of Honor go on a ribbon?

You can see a full list of decorations in the order of precedence on the Decorations homepage . The Medal of Honor is the decoration with the highest honor in the United States. When worn as a ribbon, it is displayed first, on the top of the ribbon rack closest to the wearer’s heart.

How is the US Air Force Medal of Honor made?

A gold metal bar attaches the ribbon to the medal. It is engraved with the word valour. A thunderbolt from the US Air Force coat of arms connects the star to the bar. The medal is made of gold and bronze and are plated with gold.

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