Who owns land under communal farming?

Who owns land under communal farming?

Communal land: This category includes all land used by indigenous communities. It is owned by the state but held in trust for them (14).

What is communal land rights?

The Communal Land Rights Act was framed by the government as legislation that would offer redress to people “whose tenure of land is legally insecure as a result of past racially discriminatory laws or practices”, as proclaimed in Section 25 (6) of the Constitution. The law was enacted in 2004.

What is meant by land tenure?

Land tenure refers to the relationship among people, as individuals or groups, with respect to land. It defines the conditions under which land can be occupied, held or managed, by whom and for how long.

Can communal land be sold in Zimbabwe?

Municipalities get in on the action “Traditional leaders are custodians of the communal land and it is illegal for them to sell it, so they risk being prosecuted.

What is land tenure law?

At its most basic, “land tenure” refers to the rights of people or communities to manage (own and use) the land that they reside on. Meaning, if you reside on the land, you get to have control over managing it? This lack of formal, legally binding land rights can expose these communities to risks.

What is land tenure in land law?

Land tenure is the relationship that individuals and groups hold with respect to land and land-based resources, such as trees, minerals, pastures, and water. Land tenure rules define the ways in which property rights to land are allocated, transferred, used, or managed in a particular society.

Who owns communal land in Zimbabwe?

the President of Zimbabwe
Communal land has no owner in the strict sense. However, the President of Zimbabwe is given the authority over all communal land. It is the President who then allows its occupation and use in terms of the Communal Land Act.

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