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Who was Mickey Lolich for the Detroit Tigers?

Who was Mickey Lolich for the Detroit Tigers?

– Mickey Lolich in Baseball Digest (Wayne Stewart, Colorful Quotes Have Always Been Part of Game’s History, June 1992) Michael Stephen Lolich was a Major League Baseball player who pitched for the Detroit Tigers (1963-1975), New York Mets (1976), and San Diego Padres (1978-1979).

How many strikeouts did Mickey Lolich have in his career?

Mickey, his nickname, had 2,832 career strikeouts when he retired— the most by a left-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball history until he was surpassed by hall of famer Steve Carlton in 1981 !

When did Mickey Lolich hit his first home run?

Mickey Lolich had 1,222 plate appearances in the majors, he never hit a home run in a regular season game. During his first World Series at-bat, in Game 2 of the 1968 World Series, Mickey homered, the only home run of his Major League career, and according to Lolich, it was the first one he hit since Little League!

What was Mickey Lolich’s batting average in 1965?

Always known as a weak hitter, Lolich hit .058 and struck out 37 times in 86 at-bats during the 1965 season. After two strong seasons, Lolich regressed in 1966.

Who was Mickey Lolich’s pitching coach in 1967?

In 1967, the Tigers hired former major league pitcher Johnny Sain as their pitching coach. Sain helped develop Lolich’s pitching skills and taught him psychological aspects of pitching. The 1967 season was a memorable one for the tight four-way pennant race among the Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox.


What did Mickey Lolich do in the 1968 World Series?

A three-time All-Star, Lolich is most notable for his performance in the 1968 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals when he earned three complete-game victories, including a win over Bob Gibson in the climactic Game 7.

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