Who were the members of the British group The Smiths?

Who were the members of the British group The Smiths?

The Smiths1982 – 1987
Slaughter & the DogsThe Nosebleeds1977 – 1978
Morrissey/Music groups

Why are the Smiths named the Smiths?

Morrissey claimed that the band called themselves The Smiths because “it was the most ordinary name” that they could think of, adding: “I think it’s time the ordinary folk of the world showed their faces.” This came at a time when there were many pretentious names in pop, including Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.

How many members were in the Smiths?

The Smiths
Years active 1982–1987
Labels Rough Trade Warner Bros. Records
Associated acts Electronic Modest Mouse Freebass
Members Morrissey Johnny Marr Andy Rourke Mike Joyce

What was the Smiths first single?

Hand in Glove
The Smiths’ debut single was “Hand in Glove” (May 1983); it failed to chart. Its follow-up, “This Charming Man” (October 1983), met with critical approval and reached number 25 on the UK Singles Chart.

Was Robert Smith in the Smiths?

The Cure frontman Robert Smith has addressed his history with Morrissey and The Smiths, labelling their disagreements an “imaginary feud that happened 20 years ago”.

Who were the Smiths inspired by?

June 1, 1963, Manchester). Prime exponents of British alternative rock, the Smiths were based around the unlikely partnership of singer-lyricist Morrissey (a reclusive bookworm inspired as much by Oscar Wilde as by his glam-rock heroes the New York Dolls) and budding guitar hero Marr.

Who wrote the Smiths lyrics?

The majority of the Smiths’ songs were written by the songwriting partnership of Morrissey and Johnny Marr. Throughout their career, their songs differed from the traditional synth-pop British sound of the early 1980s, instead fusing together 1960s rock and post-punk.

Are Robert Smith and Morrissey friends?

It is somewhat of an understatement to say that The Cure’s Robert Smith and former frontman of The Smiths, Morrissey, have never particularly seen eye to eye. The verbal spars the two have found themselves in have been going on since 1984 and they show no signs of being close friends anytime soon.

Where is Robert Smith from?

Blackpool, United Kingdom
Robert Smith/Place of birth

Did Johnny Marr write any Smiths songs?

Did Johnny Marr sing any Smiths songs?

He first achieved fame as the guitarist and co-songwriter of The Smiths, who were active from 1982 to 1987. He has since performed with numerous other bands and embarked on a solo career….

Johnny Marr
Johnny Marr in 2012
Background information
Birth name John Martin Maher
Born 31 October 1963 Ardwick, Manchester, England

Who is the lead singer of the Smiths?

The Smiths, one of the most popular and critically acclaimed English bands of the 1980s. The original members were lead singer Morrissey (original name Steven Patrick Morrissey; b. May 22, 1959, Manchester, England), guitarist Johnny Marr (original name John Maher; b. October 31, 1963, Manchester), bassist Andy Rourke (b.

Who were the Smiths?

The Smiths were an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1982. The group consisted of vocalist Morrissey , guitarist Johnny Marr , bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce . Critics have called them one of the most important bands to emerge from the British independent music scene of the 1980s.

Who is Smith the band?

The Smiths were a rock band which formed in 1982 in Manchester, England, United Kingdom. The band consisted of Morrissey (vocals, lyrics), Johnny Marr (guitar, music), Mike Joyce (drums) and Andy Rourke (bass).

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