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Why does Darry yell at Pony in Chapter 11?

Why does Darry yell at Pony in Chapter 11?

The word “buddy” is a term of endearment that people use to display their affection for others. It is Darry’s way of telling Ponyboy that he cares about him and hopes that he will recover. This means a lot to Ponyboy, coming from Darry, who has continually fought with him throughout the novel.

What do Darry and Pony fight about how does soda react?

How does Soda react? Darry and Pony fight about Pony’s English painter. SOda runs out of the house because he can’t stand Darry and POny fighting. Pony is excited to write his english paper because he wants to tell the world his story.

Why does Darry yell at Ponyboy?

Darry becomes upset with Ponyboy on different occasions because he perceives the potential that his youngest brother has and is frustrated when Ponyboy does not utilize his gifts. Unfortunately, he yells at Ponyboy out of this concern for him and his Ponyboy misinterprets this anger and runs off.

How do Soda and Darry react when they see Ponyboy?

How do Soda and Darry react when they see Ponyboy? they cried and were so happy and were worried he would die like their parents. Darry.

Who saved pony from being severely burned?

Pony asks why Dallas hit him in the back like that and learns that his entire back was on fire, so Dallas hit him to put out the flames. The jacket he was wearing (the one Dally gave him) protected him from being burned more severely.

What is the last thing Johnny tells Pony?

Stay gold, Ponyboy
What do Johnny’s last words mean? Right before he dies in the hospital, Johnny says “Stay gold, Ponyboy.” Ponyboy cannot figure out what Johnny means until he reads the note Johnny left. Johnny writes that “stay gold” is a reference to the Robert Frost poem Ponyboy shared when they were hiding at the church.

What does Darry scold Ponyboy for?

What does Darry scold Ponyboy for doing in bed after the rumble? Smoking. Lying.

What do Darry and Pony fight about?

After Johnny dies, Ponyboy get in a rumble and is badly injured. Later, when he returns home from the hospital, he becomes depressed and his grades start to drop. Because he is worried about Ponyboy and knows his potential, Darry argues with him about his grades.

Why is Darry so hard and tough on Ponyboy?

Darry comes across as harsh and cruel at times, but that is because he feels responsible for Ponyboy. He has high expectations for Ponyboy and wants him to keep his grades up and come home on time. When Darry gets furious at Ponyboy after he comes home late from the movies, the tension rises.

Why did Darry yell at Ponyboy in the Outsiders?

Darry is “madder than I’d seen him in a long time,” and he starts to yell at Ponyboy for falling asleep in the lot, saying, “Ponyboy, what on earth is the matter with you? Can’t you use your head? You haven’t even got a coat on.” When Soda starts to stick up for Ponyboy, Darry yells at him, too. Ponyboy says, “You don’t yell at him!”

Why did Pony Run Away when Darry hit him?

Darry and Pony’s parents died in a car accident, leaving Darry as the parent because he was the oldest brother. When Darry hits Pony, Pony reacts by running away. He feels as if Darry doesn’t understand him and is too hard on him.

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