Why is Allyson Felix inspirational?

Why is Allyson Felix inspirational?

Allyson Felix became the most decorated US track athlete after winning gold in the women’s 4×400. Felix addressed critics who said her career would suffer after giving birth to her daughter in 2018. She said her daughter, Camryn, gave her “courage” to keep racing after becoming a mother.

Why did Nike drop Allyson Felix?

Allyson further revealed that the brand asked her to take a 70% pay cut in the new contract because she was pregnant. She also claimed that Nike failed to provide her with the maternity protections she had explicitly requested in the contract.

Is Allyson Felix the fastest person in the world?

She took home the bronze medal in the women’s 400m final, with a time of 49.46. It’s the fastest she’s run the event in six years and since having her daughter Camryn, 2. The third place finish gave Felix a total of 10 Olympic medals—six gold, three silver, one bronze—the most any woman has ever won in track and field.

How did Nike treat Allyson Felix?

Felix wrote an op-ed in The New York Times in 2019, revealing that Nike said it would pay her 70% less than she earned before she became a mom, despite her accomplishments, and also that the company refused to guarantee she wouldn’t be punished if she didn’t perform up to her previous levels in the months around …

What does Allyson Felix’s husband do for a living?

Felix’s husband, Kenneth Ferguson, is a track star as well In fact, Felix’s hubby was a track star himself. A former sprinter and hurdler, Ferguson won three gold medals at the 2003 Pan American Junior Athletics Championships in the 110 meter and 400-meter hurdles, and the 4×400 meters relay.

Does Allyson Felix own Athleta?

A few months after going public with her story, Felix inked a new deal with women’s activewear brand Athleta. It was a first for Athleta, since the brand had never sponsored an athlete before.

What is Allyson Felix’s diet?

I usually keep breakfast light: yogurt and granola. In transit to the gym, I’ll have an acai bowl or some type of smoothie. Lunch is a salad with protein and fruit. And then or dinner (that’s my biggest meal) I eat a lot of fish, brown rice or sweet potatoes and veggies.

What did Allyson Felix do for a living?

Felix has been vocal in advocating for the increased risks Black women face during pregnancy and is determined to seek change. Felix has her own footwear brand, Saysh, which she launched in June. Like this article?

How many Olympic medals does Allyson Felix have?

When sprinter Allyson Felix steps on the track at the Tokyo Olympic Games, she’ll be thinking of her proudest accomplishment and what motivates her most: her two-year-old daughter Camryn. The big picture: The 35-year-old enters her fifth, and likely last, Olympic Games in Tokyo with nine medals already under her belt.

Why did Allyson Felix not get paid during her pregnancy?

Felix has been open about her daughters birth and her longtime-sponsor Nike’s attempt to cut her pay 70% during her pregnancy. Public outcry prompted the company and others to change their maternity policies for athletes.

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