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Why would someone oppose the Vietnam War?

Why would someone oppose the Vietnam War?

Many Americans opposed the war on moral grounds, appalled by the devastation and violence of the war. Others claimed the conflict was a war against Vietnamese independence, or an intervention in a foreign civil war; others opposed it because they felt it lacked clear objectives and appeared to be unwinnable.

What were Americans who opposed the Vietnam War?

The small antiwar movement grew into an unstoppable force, pressuring American leaders to reconsider its commitment. Peace movement leaders opposed the war on moral and economic grounds.

What was the biggest anti Vietnam war protest?

The SDS-organized March
The SDS-organized March Against the Vietnam War onto Washington, D.C. was the largest anti-war demonstration in the U.S. to date with 15,000 to 20,000 people attending.

Why did college students oppose Vietnam War?

Republican President Richard Nixon suspected that most students protested the Vietnam War because they feared being drafted. Because Nixon was then withdrawing U.S. troops from South Vietnam, the higher a young man’s draft number, the less likely he would be inducted. Nearly all campus anti-war protest ended.

Why did hippies oppose the Vietnam War?

There are many reasons hippies were resistant to the Vietnam War with one being that it was immoral like many other wars. Obviously hippies were for peace so innocent people and even those not innocent losing their lives was reason enough to protest.

Why did student protests against the Vietnam War turn violent?

At different times they chose different targets: the Pentagon, Presidents Nixon and Johnson, the draft, Dow Chemical. But the students all acted from a common belief that the Vietnam War was wrong. As that conflict escalated, the protests grew in strength, and some turned violent.

When did the protests against the Vietnam War start?

Protests against the Vietnam War took place in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The protests were part of a movement in opposition to the Vietnam War and took place mainly in the United States.

What was the opposition to the Vietnam War?

As the war escalated and increasing numbers of Americans were wounded and killed in combat, the opposition grew. Within a span of just a few years, opposition to the Vietnam War became a colossal movement, with protests drawing hundreds of thousands of Americans into the streets. Vietnamese monk protesting with self-immolation.

What did music do to protest the Vietnam War?

Much of popular music in the 1960s was another means of protest for an audience that was against the Vietnam War. Several now-influential music artists used their talents to appeal to a wide audience that was against the war.

Are there any anti war protests in America?

In the years since the 1960s, new waves of anti-war activism have periodically arisen to protest U.S. military intervention abroad. However, anti-war protest today seems less dramatic and visible than in past decades.

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