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Why you should choose a seaman?

Why you should choose a seaman?

Good Wages: Wages earned by seafarers are normally above similar professions ashore. According to the ICS, in developing countries, ships’ officers working on internationally trading ships are amongst the very highest paid in their countries. Opportunities for accumulating savings, even when young, are considerable.

What motivates you to become seafarer?

A common motivation in going to sea is money, another is the lack of local employment opportunities and a third is pressure from family and friends. In addition some seafarers may wish to develop their skills at sea, in order to pursue a ‘portfolio career’.

Why do you want to work for sea?

Life Skills – Merchant Navy Cadetships provide you with the highest level of training and experience to become the best Officer you can be. Not only do you spend time learning both technical and practical seafaring skills, but you also learn skills for life, for example, team building skills, resilience and dedication.

Why did you choose Bsmt as your course?

Why did I choose Marine Transportation: I chose this course because I want to be captain of the ship someday. I want to travel the world and earn big money. And the course is easy compared to other. About my college education: I have learn to be a seaman.

What is life at sea like?

Sailors had to accept cramped conditions, disease, poor food and pay, and bad weather. Men working at sea had much to endure; cut off from normal life on shore for months, even years, they had to accept cramped conditions, disease, poor food and pay. Above all, they faced the daily dangers of sea and weather.

Why did you choose this course Marine?

You will experience different environment, different people, and even different culture. This can help you open your eyes in a whole new level and learn things in a different way. This is your chance to also hone your leadership skills for you may need to work with limited men or team members.

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