Will there be ben10?

Will there be ben10?

A film based on the series, Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, was announced on February 19, 2020 and was aired on October 10, 2020….Ben 10 (2016 TV series)

Ben 10
Production company Cartoon Network Studios
Distributor Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution
Original network Cartoon Network

What happened to ben10?

The show would go on to spawn a franchise. Ben 10 was succeeded by Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and Ben 10: Omniverse. A reboot of the series premiered in 2016.

Is ben10 a super hero?

Benjamin “Ben” Kirby Tennyson, commonly known as Ben 10, is a fictional superhero and title protagonist of the Ben 10 franchise.

Why did Ben get grounded in Ben 10?

Meanwhile, Gwen and Kevin are fighting DNAliens, and they try to call Ben, who informs them that he’s grounded by his parents, after they knew about Omnitrix. Kevin understands, but reveals that they’ve been attacked by DNAliens.

Who are the parents of Ben 10 Alien Force?

Grounded is the twentieth episode of Ben 10: Alien Force . In the beginning of the episode Ben’s parents ( Sandra and Carl Tennyson) are talking about how Ben had became a good boy to them after all these years as they happily head home at their car. Suddenly, there’s a large explosion, which causes Sandra to stop the car.

What does the hourglass symbol on Ben 10 mean?

The inside of the hourglass symbol glowed in different colours during certain moments; these colours signify the mode that the Omnitrix was presently in. When Ben is selecting his aliens it shows the alien’s hologram standing on the core rather than the alien’s silhouette.

Why did Azmuth create the Omnitrix in and then Ben 10?

Unbeknownst to everyone else, Azmuth had a third reason for creating the Omnitrix. He hoped that his estranged lover Zennith, who had left him as he created Ascalon, would learn of his change and come back to him. In And Then There Were 10, Ben found the Omnitrix and it put itself on his wrist.

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