What animals names in French?

What animals names in French?

Pets and animals in French

  • un chien = a dog.
  • un chat = a cat.
  • un lapin = a rabbit.
  • une tortue = a turtle.
  • un hamster = a hamster.
  • un poisson rouge = a goldfish.
  • une souris = a mouse.
  • un canari = a canary.

How do you say different pets in French?

Pets (Les Animaux Domestique)

  1. Source Cat – le chat (luh shah)
  2. Dog – le chien (luh shee-ehn)
  3. Ferret – le furet (luh fyoo-ray)
  4. Goldfish – le poisson rouge (luh pwah-ssohn-rooge) * The “g” is soft as in the second “g” in “garage.”
  5. Gerbil – la gerbille (lah jhair-bee-yuh)
  6. Guinea pig – le cochon d’Inde (luh coo-shohn dande)

Are there peacocks in France?

They are indeed found in countries much far|ther south, as in France and Italy, but there they are in the domestic state*. Linnaeus affirms in general, as I have before said, that Peacocks are averse to reside in Swe|den, and he excepts not even the white sort.

Are there any animals in French that start with U?

French is one of the 3 romantic languages that people usually learn in addition to English. Some animals that start with U in French are urubu and upupa. Q: Animals in French that start with U?

When to learn the names of animals in French?

Learning animal names is generally taught when the class is working on themes like “the farm” or something similar. Whether you are looking for the names of animals in French for a project for school or just to complete a theme that you are studying in French, these lists will give you more animals than you can remember!

Are there any animals that start with the letter U?

Mammals: 31 Animals That Start With U. Animals That Start With U: Uinta Chipmunk. Uakari (monkey) Unau (sloth) Urial (sheep) Ucayali spiny mouse. Uganda Kob. Uganda large-toothed shrew.

What do you call a bird in French?

Group lessons! The amphibians and reptiles are called ‘Amphibien’ and ‘Reptiles’ in French. Below you will find a selection of ‘Vögel’ (birds) translated in German. Below you will find a couple of ‘Meerestiere’ translated to German.

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