What is an illuminated star?

What is an illuminated star?

The Illuminated Star is the ideal personal touch. This unique option uses light conduction and LED technology to illuminate the central star in the radiator grille. It’s subtle, but eye-catching. Bright, but sophisticated.

How do illuminated stars work?

Bright and eye-catching, it uses light conductor and LED technology to illuminate the Three-Pointed Star in the radiator grille of vehicles like the C-Class and E-Class. With this unique accessory, you’ll turn heads throughout Elizabethtown at night!

How much does it cost to add illuminated star?

The extra-bright star will set buyers back $480 before installation if ordered through a dealer, while port-installed units run $550 but carry no additional installation fee. Critically, the neat badge isn’t compatible with Benz’s Distronic radar-based adaptive cruise-control setup, which operates behind the emblem.

Do all Mercedes have illuminated star?

This package gives you the option of an illuminated star on the front grille. It can also be added as a stand-alone option and can be installed on any Mercedes-Benz vehicle that was produced after 2013, unless the model is equipped with DISTRONIC® or DISTRONIC PLUS® driver assistance.

Can you turn off illuminated star?

It is independent. It comes on only when the door or trunk is open and the engine is OFF.

How do I make my Mercedes logo light up?

On a Mercedes in the center/COMAND screen – go to Vehicle Settings – and turn on “Locator Lighting” which will turn on the logo projector lamps.

How much does a Mercedes logo cost?

The average cost of a Mercedes emblem is between $16.99 and $69.99.

Is the Mercedes illuminated star illegal?

I had the Illuminated star installed by the dealer when i ordered my car, and “YES” it is now on all the time. 2nd generation wire harnest used and they got around all the DOT saftey requirments and it is now legal.

Does Mercedes illuminated star stay on Drive?

The star stays lit for 40 seconds upon unlocking the car. When a door is opened, it will remain illuminated for up to five minutes. But if the car is started or the doors are closed, it turns off. After driving and parking, the Star will show itself again for 60 seconds after the engine is switched off.

Does my Mercedes star light up?

Thanks to fibre-optic cables and LED technology, the central star emblem in your Mercedes’ radiator grille lights up when you remotely lock/unlock the vehicle or open the door or tailgate. Only functions when engine is switched off. Not in conjunction with DISTRONIC (Code 233). For models with central star emblem.

How does the Mercedes Benz illuminated star work?

The Mercedes-Benz illuminated star is a genuine accessory for many new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It uses LEDs and light-conductor technology on your Mercedes-Benz to light up the logo on your car’s front grille. Showing off your Mercedes-Benz illuminated star while driving makes travels down…

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