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What tense is I would have been?

What tense is I would have been?

When constructing a conditional perfect sentence, use the past perfect for the if clause and the conditional perfect for the main clause. In our example sentence, then, we would have to change it to If the house had been (past perfect) newer, it would have been (conditional perfect) demolished.

How do you know what tense to use in a sentence?

As a general rule, the verb tense you are using should be consistent throughout your sentence and your paragraph. For example, the sentence “We had eaten (past perfect tense) dinner, and then we talked (simple past tense)” should be written as “We ate (simple past tense) dinner, and then we talked (simple past tense)”.

What tense do you use for years?

Tense Time words
Simple present Every day, month, week, year; always; sometimes; never; frequently
Simple past Yesterday; # years, weeks, months, days, hours ago; in (past year); last (month, week, year)

Would have been example sentences?

1) “I would have more satisfied if she had given me cash instead of cheque.” 2) “I would have been more satisfied if she had given me cash instead of cheque.”

Has been and have been example?

“Has been” and “have been” are both present perfect tense, which you use when you describe something that started in the past but continues up to the present. Example: She has been working at the same restaurant for five years now. Example: We have been working on the project for five days so far.

What are the rules for tenses?

All Tenses Rules

Tenses Tenses Rule
Past perfect continuous tense Subject + had been + V1 + ing + Object
Present Simple tense Subject + V1 + s/es + Object (Singular) Subject + V1 + Object (Plural)
Present Perfect tense Subject + has + V3 + Object (Singular) Subject + have + V3 + Object (Plural)

Which tense is used with last year?

“Last year” means the year before now, and it is considered a specific time which requires simple past. “In the last year” means from 365 days ago until now. It is not considered a specific time, so it requires present perfect.

Which is an example of a tense in a sentence?

Example sentences of all tenses are given in this post. These sentences will make you more familiar with tenses. The earth revolves around the sun. She wakes up early in the morning daily. I speak French quite well.

Which is the correct sentence next year Anny and I?

Next year Anny and I will have beenmarried for 25 years. Next year Anny and I will bemarried for 25 years. (this sentence came out of a grammar book. I had to fill in the gap “Next year Anny and I (to be) married for 25 years.)

What is the future tense of the word would?

According to English Grammar Online 4U, would can be used in a future tense as a Conditional I Progressive tense. The conditional I progressive puts emphasis on the course of an action that might take place.

When to use ” will have been ” in a sentence?

Generally if you say, “will have been,” it means that state of being / activity has continued over the period of time mentioned. In this example, the marriage has lasted for 25 years, so you say you “will have been married.”

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